Anastasia International VS Scam

Anastasia International & the dating industry

The growth of the Russian dating industry since the fall of the Iron Curtain has been phenomenal. An uncomfortable fact is that a small segment of fringe players has beset this predominantly honest business with scam and fraud, tainting its image somewhat in the eyes of those hopeful romantics in search of true love.


Not to deny the fact, some Russian dating sites unbeknownst to them contain profiles of unscrupulous individuals masquerading as persons looking for their soul mates. Anastasia International scam blockers in the form of a team of vigilant employees search out these bogus movers and not only delete them from then expose them on the net for who they are, they actually in many cases nip the fraudulent scheme in the bud.

Anastasia International was founded in 1993 by A Russian woman and her American husband filling a niche in the international dating market. Going online in 1997, almost immediately the fledgling website was beset with reports of internet dating fraud and suspicious behavior. Thus the need for Anastasia International Scam busters team.

Anastasia´s Anti Scam Team

To expose these questionable and devious web insurgents, Anastasia International and its anti-scam team is ever on the lookout for any possible instance of inappropriate activity.

There are now more than 250 employees working in offices in Moscow and the U.S. with Anastasia International anti-scam teams in both locations.

Handling web development and maintenance, marketing, customer service, verification and other administrative services, the Anastasia International anti-scam operation in Moscow has since it’s inception uncovered a multitude of fraudulent small time operations on not only her own site, but on the net at large.

The primary executive office in the U.S. handles the sales and some customer relations, and also partakes in Anastasia International anti-scam operations.

The Anastasia International anti-scam unit uncovers fraudulent behavior even before it’s hatched through a system of pre-screening and verification of each lady’ who wishes to register on their site.

Each lady who wishes to register is personally contacted by Anastasia International anti scam members and questioned. The Anastasia International scam and anti-scam unit also files copies of ladies passports, photos and other documents to build a case for the veracity of each registrant.

In this way the Anastasia International Anti Scam unit prevents online dating fraud before it even reaches the point of going online.